ADN Paris advocates a return to basics, to the Essential.

Our feeling about the "fast-fashion" offer offered today: great frustration! Too many trends. Too many prints. Too many details. Too many models and ultimately so little choice.

Then comes the question of value for money: “poly” materials with often approximate finishes, at ever higher prices for an ever shorter lifespan.

We inevitably come to the conclusion that we have “nothing left to wear” and we swear to ourselves not to get caught in it again! Secretly, we dream of a more structured, minimal wardrobe. A wardrobe focused on essentials that combines quality, timelessness and elegance.

And why not simplify everything? It is with this credo, this obsession, that I created ADN Paris!

Each of the pieces of the wardrobe has been observed, studied and then redesigned in order to retain only its foundations, its DNA. This return to basics has allowed us to erase the boundaries between masculine and feminine and to offer a genderless minimalist wardrobe that brings together the best of both worlds.

Convinced that quality and durability are essential when buying a garment, the pieces in our wardrobe are all designed in high-end, natural and resistant materials.

And, because we are also responsible, our pieces are made by artisans in Parisian workshops.

At ADN Paris, we offer you the foundations of your wardrobe for life!