Ode to simplicity.

ADN Paris draws the foundations of a wardrobe that frees itself from the constraints of time, gender and trends.

Driven by the desire to go back to basics, ADN rewrites the contours of classic, sober and authentic pieces, mixing tradition and contemporaneity.

Everything started with a need to going back to the roots.

It was in June 2019 that I decided to create ADN Paris after a career of more than ten years in Finance. My studies may have not prepared me for this, but my relationship with clothes certainly did.

I grew up in Morocco where, at the time, there were very few clothing stores, especially for men. So I often accompanied my father to his tailor's where he used to make his suits. The souvenir of these made-to-measure pieces, the meticulous selection of fabrics, and the great care given to every detail, made a deep impression on me and, with hindsight, forged the premises of what ADN is today.

After having "consumed" fashion, with passion and compulsion, the click occurred when I moved homes: too many clothes accumulated, too many dated pieces, too much quantity for, ultimately, so little quality...

I imagined ADN as...

a sober, timeless and high-end wardrobe that comforts by the simplicity through its lines, the precision of its construction and the quality of its tailoring.

A long-lasting wardrobe, without artifice, where clothing is conceived as an extension of the self, as a true second skin.

No need to overdress or hide behind logos to look good.

You will feel it when you wear it.

You will feel it when you touch it.

Elegance as it has always been: minimalist.

More than a garment, an attitude.

Beyond a style, a state of mind.

Beyond a trend, a foundation