March 8 - ADN invites Tiffany Bouelle for the Women's Foundation

8 mars - ADN invite Tiffany Bouelle pour la Fondation des Femmes

On the occasion of International Women's Rights Day , we are launching, in collaboration with the committed artist Tiffany Bouelle, a T-shirt whose profits will be entirely donated to the Women's Foundation, which fights against violence against women. and work for gender equality.

This collaboration is obvious when you know the profile of Tiffany. Her recent paintings, abstract and minimalist, are inspired by women questioning their freedom, their intimacy, their emotions. Behind the faces of strong women, Tiffany dreams of women who evolve without rivalry and in complete equality with men.

Feminine-masculine or masculine-feminine.

An obsession for us who seek to abolish the boundaries between the two worlds, a reality with Tiffany, most of whose works are gender neutral.

For our collaboration, Tiffany adorned our BIRTH T-shirt with a quote from Virginia Woolf, English woman of letters and essential figure of feminism.

The strong words of Virginia Woolf have been scattered on our t-shirt, like tattoos that veil and reveal themselves according to the movements, the outfits. 

This T-shirt will be produced in 30 copies and all profits will be donated to the Women's Foundation.

See you Monday, March 8 at 10 a.m. to discover this collaboration!