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ADN Paris - ADN loves ART

“Contemporary art, sculpture, visual and graphic arts have been important sources of inspiration since the creation of ADN Paris. Collaborating with artists around clothing was a logical step for the brand.

The “DNA loves ART” project was born during confinement. While tidying up my desk, I came across a box containing the first prototypes of ORIGIN, the brand's iconic white shirt. Between finding the perfect volume, testing various interlinings for the collar and cuffs, fine-tuning the collar, etc., around thirty models were developed to end up with the final version of the shirt. These models could not be put on sale and I had no intention of throwing them away. I started thinking about an original way to upcycle them to give them a second life, without betraying the brand's identity. It was quite instinctively that the idea came to me to transform these white shirts into a base for creation (a canvas for painting, for example) and that is how “ADN loves ART” was born!

For collaborations, I contacted artists whose work I had admired for some time. I was very touched by their positive reception and their quick support for the project! What was only an idea until then quickly turned into a collaborative project bringing together 7 fantastic artists!

Fascinated by the creative process and craftsmanship, it was important for me to give artists carte blanche so that they could fully express their universe and what this project inspires in them.

"DNA loves ART" is not only a very nice way to promote discarded models, but it is above all a superb opportunity to meet artists with incredible talent and to discover their work in a more intimate way.

Many thanks to Tiffany Bouelle, Zahra Holm, Marguerite Wibaux, Florence Bamberger, Misterpiro, Arsène Welkin and Antoine de Pins for making this dream a reality and for accepting the challenge!

The works created for the first edition of "ADN loves ART" will be exhibited in Paris:

October 1-6, 2020
22, rue Debelleyme

75003 Paris

These works will be offered for sale in order to raise funds for charities that are important to us.

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