Capsule #1

Capsule #1

Hello everyone,

You've been following our adventures for three months now (a big THANK YOU to the early birds!) and we wanted to share with you the progress of our project and above all to announce the imminent launch of our first capsule.

It all started with a simple question: "If I had to keep only the necessary pieces of my wardrobe, which ones would I choose?" ". The answer was clear: sober, timeless and quality pieces.

At Adn Paris, our desire is to offer you a minimal, sustainable and genderless wardrobe.

For our Capsule #1, our choice fell on 3 essential pieces:

  • The white shirt;
  • Raw jeans; And
  • The white T-shirt.

Our first 3 Essentials have become obvious because they perfectly illustrate the values ​​of the brand, our DNA: they break free from the constraints of gender, time and trends.

The white shirt

Our white shirt, Origin , has been designed to follow you all day long!

For a genderless rendering, we have opted for a straight cut, the perfect compromise between formal and casual style, with an intermediate length allowing it to be worn, for those who wish, tucked into the pants (or the skirt 😊 ). Its hidden button placket and invisible seams reinforce its sleek style.

Origin is cut in Giza 87 Egyptian cotton poplin , a reference among tailors. This material was chosen for its hold, its silky touch and its easy maintenance.

Raw jeans

Comfortable, well cut, that we can keep for life… Here is our roadmap for creating our jeans. Finding a genderless model that is flattering for both silhouettes was no small feat! So, we cheated a bit and worked on two distinct but visually similar models, the Gemini :

  • A fitted cut with a semi-high waist;
  • A classic length for men and 7/8 for women (for a better look 😊 );
  • Classic and discreet finishes: tone-on-tone stitching and hidden waistband button.

In terms of material, we chose a 13oz 100% cotton Selvedge denim fabric , woven in Italy by Candiani, a denim specialist since 1938. A real purist's choice! The Selvedge canvas is renowned for its solidity, and its intermediate weight will allow you to wear the Gemini in all seasons!

For the color, we kept the indigo blue of the raw canvas in order to preserve its natural side and allow you to see your Gemini patina over time for a unique look!

The white T-shirt

If it seemed to be the simplest Essential in our capsule, we had to test meters and meters of different weights to find the perfect match for our Birth T-shirt! Yes, because to enhance its straight cut and well-fitting round neck, we looked for a natural material that holds up, that breathes and above all that does not deform over time.

After several prototypes, we found our happiness: an Egyptian cotton jersey made in Italy, silky to the touch and very pleasant to wear.

What's next?

We certainly took time to develop our 3 Essentials (dozens of prototypes... just that!) but this time was NECESSARY to offer you top-of-the-range models that last!

The shooting of our first capsule took place a few days ago and the first visuals are sublime. We are still moved to see our Essentials come to life and can't wait to share them with you 😊 A little more patience, the launch of our first capsule is coming (very) soon !

And since we don't want to stop there, we are already working on Capsule #2. So, do not hesitate to send us your ideas, recommendations, desires, etc. We are all ears!