"The hand of a fabric, the construction of a piece, the details of a finish... I have always had a great passion for clothing and its creation.

My relationship with fashion has evolved over time: I was first a compulsive buyer who collected clothes without really asking questions. My relationship with clothes has changed radically since a move in 2014. Emptying my wardrobe, counting the number of pieces purchased and visualizing the volume that this represented made me realize that, despite an overflowing wardrobe, I often wore the same pieces : sober, timeless pieces that are easy to combine. It was a real click! Of all my wardrobe, only the "essentials" were saved... and a project was born.

I started paying more attention to things. From the material to the details of the finishes, without forgetting the origin and the method of manufacture of the parts, I asked myself more and more questions without necessarily finding answers. The "shopping" experiences had become more and more frustrating: finding a quality garment that could last a long time without going out of style or wearing out prematurely was not easy!

I created ADN Paris with the desire to go back to basics: simple pieces, made to last, which can accompany us at any age and soak up our memories".